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What to Ask you Debt Collection Agent

By In News On January 30, 2014

Debt Collection Indonesia

If you are thinking about hiring a debt collection agent to get back what you are owed, chances are you have already exhausted all efforts to reclaim your money. To most creditors, hiring a debt collection agent is a last resort – and it can also be intimidating.  Below, we have rounded up some tips to help you hire the right debt collection agent by equipping you with all the right questions you need to ask.

Make sure to take down notes because we made a pretty long list that can help you go through the entire process with ease.

Why are you the right person to collect my money?

Finding out the credibility of your debt collection agent is one of the first things you need to do.  Making sure that the agent can represent you with utmost professionalism and expertise is crucial in handling such a tough situation.

A debt collection agent will be in charge of documenting and negotiating in your behalf so best to find out if the person has the capabilities and experience to do so. Remember, whatever they decide to do, they are dragging your name in it so be sure to find one who has a credible background.

What are your collection tactics?

Finding out an agent’s collection tactic is just as important as finding out whether they are credible or not. They can be a top-calibre negotiator but if they do not have a solid collection tactic, it can go down the drain real fast.

A reputable debt collection agent is trained to create a unique collection strategy based on your case. There is not a template solution for such a problem so your agent should know how to adapt accordingly. Find out how they craft a collection tactic for all of their clients and compare it to the solution they present to you. If it seems like they are trying to pass of another template strategy, you are best finding a different agent.

What are the fees associated with your service?

Ultimately, you are hiring a debt collector to get your money back and not to lose it all over again with astronomical fees. A reputable debt collection company should have reasonable rates associated with their services.

At Debt Collections Indonesia, we only collect a small portion of the amount recovered – we do not get paid unless you do. Our terms are also highly flexible and we are equipped to adapt to any situation. Get in touch with our seasoned debt collection specialists so we can discuss terms that are appropriate for you.

What is your specialization?

It is important that you find a debt collector who specializes in your case. Depending on what you need, there is a debt collector who is trained to handle your case with utmost expertise. There are debt collectors who specialize in business-incurred debts, unpaid invoices and personal debts so be sure to find out what your debt collector specializes in.

At Debt Collections Indonesia, we have a debt collector who specializes in every type of unrecovered debt. We have the manpower to handle your case thoroughly – from start to finish. Rest assured, you are in expert hands if you decide to endorse your case to us.

Recovering your debt can be a tricky situation but when handled by the right person, it can be speedy and hassle-free – all you need to do is ask the right questions. We hope the guidelines above are enough to point you in the right direction.

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