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Tips in Handling a Debtor

Tips in Handling a Debtor

By In Uncategorized On March 20, 2015

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Handling a debtor who has full intentions of running away is a difficult situation to handle for any creditor. All forms of communication will be severed at some point and trust will completely be obliterated.

While it is perfectly understandable to feel a level of hatred towards your debtor, letting your feelings get in the way of objectivity can make the situation worse. It is important that you remain a level head throughout so you can clearly think about your game plan.

If you find yourself in a tough situation where dealing with a debtor is nearly impossible, do not fret because we have a few tips to help you. Keep on reading the blog below and get through this process unscathed.

Be professional and stay focused.

It is easy to get your emotions in the way whenever you talk to your debtor but it will not make the situation any better. Stay professional when talking to your debtor, even if they are your friend. This should show them that you are taking the situation seriously. Stay objective and be open to negotiations as this is the only way your problem can be resolved. We know that talking to your debtor can be an aggravating thing but it must be handled with utmost calm and professionalism.

Write a demand letter.

Most debtors overlook this step but it is crucial. Writing a demand letter when a debtor refuses to talk to you is the fastest way to get your message across.  In your demand letter, make sure to state all facts – the amount owed, the agreed due date and your proposed terms – so as to avoid any confusion.

If your debtor cannot be contacted, make sure to send a copy of the demand letter to his/her home and workplace – this should be enough to get their attention.

Be persistent.

Collecting what you are owed can be an arduous process and giving up can be a tempting option for many creditor. While giving up may seem like the easy way to go around the situation, it will not get you back what you are owed and it will not teach your debtor anything about obligation.

If you feel like giving up, think of getting what you are owed as a form of respect for yourself. Do not let your debtor think that he or she can step all over you and run away with it. A debt was an agreement and running away from it is a form of grave disrespect.


Contact a legitimate debt collection agency

Contacting a debt collection agency may seem like too much but it can take a lot off your mind. A debt collection agency has skilled negotiators on staff who are intensively trained to handle every type of situation. Furthermore, a debt collection agency has a team of legal specialists and lawyers at their disposal so you do not have to worry about incurring more expenses in hiring your own.

Debt Collections Indonesia has a team of dedicated and professional debt collection specialists who will handle your case with utmost professionalism and authority. They are trained to expertly handle any typ of situation – no matter how tough it may seem.

If you are a creditor who has lost all hope in regaining what you are owed, get in touch with our debt collection specialists today so we can discuss your case as soon as possible.